Discover Vertical Grilling

A revolutionary technique to enjoy grilled food anywhere in just minutes

What is vertical grilling?

Vertical Grilling is a revolutionary technique we use to design small, safe, and portable grills for barbecuing and grilling anytime, anywhere.

The heat source in Vertical Grilling comes from 3 vertical panels that reach a temperature of 1500°F / 800°C in less than 2 minutes.

This intense heat quickly seals the surface of the steaks, preventing them from drying up and keep those delicious juices and flavory locked in.

Traditional grills reach a maximum temperature of only 750°F /398°C and take longer to prepare your food.


When cooking food vertically, no fumes are generated since no juices burn on the heat source. 

Instead, juices from the food fall into a flavor tray and can be reused for seasoning.

The Vertical Grill was designed to cook high-quality meat, fish, chicken, vegetables, and just about anything you would throw on a traditional grill.

Advantages of Vertical Grilling

Vertical Grills have become popular in recent years because they are practical to use, quick to clean, and above all, safe.


These grills do not intend to replace traditional grilling: they complement the BBQ experience and allow grillers to enjoy cooking more often.

There are many benefits to consider when purchasing a vertical grill, regardless if you own a traditional grill or not:

Quick preheat and faster cooking

An infrared grill can preheat on high in as little as 2 minutes, allowing you to start grilling in no time.

Minimal Flare-ups

Safer for you and your family.

Even Heat

By evenly distributing heat across the 3 infrared panels.

Energy Efficient

The surface of a beef is roasted in less than 90 seconds each side without the inside being overcooked.

Steakhouse Quality Searing

Achieve a perfect, juicy, and tender steakhouse taste.

Easy To Clean

Parts can be cleaned in a dishwasher.

When is it convenient to use a vertical grill?

We all enjoy a good BBQ day with our friends and family, but there are times when using a traditional grill is not possible or convenient.

Vertical Grills are not intended to replace traditional grills, but rather as a complement for those who can’t use traditional grills at home or who want to make a meal for a few.

This type of grill is ideal for various types of needs:

Suitable for use in apartments

 As they do not generate smoke, Vertical Grills can be used in places that ban the use of traditional grills.


Because of their size, it can be used (and stored) in small spaces.

Ideal for a small group BBQ

You can use a Vertical Grill for a small group meal, as it is easy and convenient to use and cook.


Your traditional grill will still be fired up for special events while your Vertical Grill is for everyday use.

Perfect for grilling outdoors

As it is easy to transport, a Vertical Grill is perfect for outdoor events like tailgates, boat outings, and camping trips.

Vertical Grilling allows you to have more freedom to make your BBQs as you will no longer have restrictions on space, place, or time to make a good BBQ wherever you want, in a matter of minutes.