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FREE SHIPPING (Mainland U.S.A.) Gold Chef Grill - High Temperature, Stainless Steel, Propane Gas Grill. All accesories included:Thermometer, travel bag, battery operated rotisserie, grill tray.
  • Gold Chef Grill

    The heat is on. Goes to 1500°F in 2 min, reinvents grilling and gives you steakhouse results at home.

    Grilling is a part of life's joy! Gold Chef, a revolutionary high performance grill that allows you to enjoy grilled food in just few minutes. One is enough for a whole family!

    • Portable - 17.6Lbs, foldable structure
    • Vertical 1500°F infrared burner with piezo ignition
    • Flexible - compact, telescopic,patented wave-rack
    • Healthier - juice & fat drip into a flavour tray
    • Independent - 2 hours independent grilling
    • Comfortable - Rotating grill basket with flexible stainless steel mesh


  • F.A.Q

    What is the advantage of grilling with heat from the side?

    Grilling ‘in front of an open fire’ is a very natural feeling. Gold Chef “enables you” to grill completely intuitively as you can watch what you’re doing and adjust things with just a slight twist of your wrist. Grilling with a side-burner is definitely healthier too as the dripping juices are collected for delicate sauces and don't flare up, creating hazardous fumes.


    How can I use the 4 different grilling/temperature zones? And what are the benefits?

    Grilling on the telescopic wave-rack with the Gold Chef grill-basket is safe and convenient. You can roast your beef in different heat-zones by changing positions as needed by simply turning and twisting the grill-basket. Use the bottom flavor-tray to collect sauces and for gratinated meet, veggies or bread. 

    You can also use the Gold Chef -grill-tray on the top level just like a BBQ for roasting vegetables and hamburger buns while the rear zone is ideal for keeping food warm or simply letting your steaks relax.


    How long does the Gold Chef need to be ready for use?

    The Gold Chef gets fired-up by its built-in piezo ignition and reaches 1500 °F in about 2 minutes. On the other hand, due to its outside burner, the Gold Chef is thoroughly cooled down for transport in less than 15 minutes.


    So what is the secret of perfect meat preparation?

    Most BBQ grills reach temperatures of 750°F whereas famous steakhouses grill at ultra-high temperatures of more than 1472°F so as to seal the steaks by form of caramelization.

    This means the surface of the beef is roasted in less than 90 seconds each side without the inside being overcooked. The caramelized top crust retains the moisture to achieve a perfect, juicy and tender steakhouse taste.

    Plus four grilling zones mean you can perfectly prepare vegetables, bread or fish too, giving you a whole meal in just a few minutes.


    How much does Gold Chef weigh?

    The entire body weighs only 17.6 Lbs and is made of high quality stainless steel.

    This material is durable and light for ultimate portability. You can fire up your Gold Chef wherever you want to: at a picnic party, on a boat or on a caravan trip, to name but a few examples.


    How long can I use the gas cartridge for?

    The inserted gas-cartridge offers approximately 2 hours of operation. With an average grilling time of 5 minutes for a large steak, one cartridge will last for 20 grilling-sessions (based on a large steak taking 5 minutes).


    Can I also connect a large gas cartridge?

    Yes. You can connect any large gas bottle via a hose and standard valve.


    What if there is an issue with my Gold Chef? Does it come with a warranty?

    Yes. The purchase price includes a one year international warranty for the Gold Chef Grill.